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First Base PRU, Lowestoft

  • To promote high expectations of pupil achievement. 
  • To offer early intervention, support and provision of high quality learning opportunities for pupils, their parents, carers and staff.
  • To develop close links with other local agencies and services to help meet the needs of pupils and their families.
  • To contribute to the development of services countywide for families with children who have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.
  • To raise pupil achievement through our services offered to pupils, parents, carers and schools.
  • To foster educational and social inclusion by helping to maintain and support successful placements for pupils in their local mainstream schools and communities.
  • To contribute to school improvement and the development of multi-agency models of service delivery on a local cluster and locality basis.

The values underpinning our service commitment and purpose toward child, family and school are:

Protection and Respect.  Providing a caring, secure and safe environment, where children are listened to and their views valued. 

Self-esteem and Confidence. Building self-esteem of pupils, so that each can grow in confidence.

Achievement, Aptitude and Ability. Providing high quality learning experiences for pupils to learn and achieve in line with their age, aptitude and ability.

Continuity and Progression. Developing a service which focuses on the future and which takes into account the long term as well as the short term needs of families.

Educational and Social Inclusion.  Supporting the inclusion of pupils educationally and socially in their local school communities.

Equality of Opportunity.  Providing a service which does not discriminate, is fair to all, which values individuals and their communities and is positive about difference.

Child and Family Centred.  Developing services with other agencies that are child and family centred, that provide choices and meet needs.

Building Capacity.  Building on the unique talents, gifts and skills that all pupils, adults and organisations have, instead of focusing on the difficulties or deficits.

Partnership and Interdependency. Working together with a range of other partners so that the strengths, contributions and limitations of each are acknowledged and valued.

Transparency and Accountability. Working openly and accepting challenge from all those who would have an interest and commitment to the service.

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