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First Base PRU, Lowestoft


As the management commitee of First Base is a shared management committee for the North Lowestoft PRU Partnership every manager is also a manager at, the other two PRU's in the partnership: Harbour and Old Warren House.

Mr L. Jacklin - member of Suffolk County Council.    

Calling all parents! We currently have a vacancy for a Parent Manager (the PRU equivalent of a Governor) to work across the Partnership of Old Warren House, Harbour and First Base. This would entail attending committee and sub-committee meetings on a regular basis, and would allow contribution to some aspects of school life. If you are interested in the exciting challenge of this voluntary role, please contact Old Warren House in the first instance and ask to speak to Paul Morton, Executive Headteacher, or Angela Pinner, Chair of Management Committee. Closing date: 25th May 2018

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